Title: Java script functions and loop Speaker: shalini balasubramani session via : Hello everyone, This is the time that we people are so struggled to learn because of lockdown in India. For that solution our team had planned to give the session through online. Every saturday our team had planned a session. Today iContinue reading “JAVA SCRIPT FUNCTIONS AND LOOPS”

What happened today….?😍

Its my first class…. I am proudly to say today i have a very wonderful πŸ˜……..reason for i learning about python basics. I heartily wishes and appreciate the mahendra gnu linux.It explicitly describes this as a public service but then i want to use the correct word is they are developing a good humans inContinue reading “What happened today….?😍”

Python meetup for beginners on 16-02-2020

Title : Primary steps for python Speaker : Mr. Jeyaraj Volunteers: Mr. Radhakrishnan, Mr.George Fernandes The session starts with the simple introduction and it is given by Radhakrishnan. then he handled over the class to a Jayaraj. He starts the topic with a simple question that “have you hearded about the python and what isContinue reading “Python meetup for beginners on 16-02-2020”

Web Development basics

  Day:1      Title: Web Development basics       Speakers: Radhakrishnan        Volunteers: jeyaraj, George , karthikeyan , Nandhakumar and vivek    It’s all starts with a question , how many of you comfortable with tamil? Then yes from all sides, And the session starts with rocky’s introduction about his company and works and all ,then rocky make the students toContinue reading “Web Development basics”

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