Web Development basics


     Title: Web Development basics

      Speakers: Radhakrishnan 

      Volunteers: jeyaraj, George , karthikeyan , Nandhakumar and vivek

   It’s all starts with a question , how many of you comfortable with tamil? Then yes from all sides, And the session starts with rocky’s introduction about his company and works and all ,then rocky make the students to sit like a team with their friends (as in Tech synergy camp), then we moved to the original content “Basics of web development”. To be frank, the participants have 0%  knowledge about the web and how it works and how these things are interconnected, then rocky shared his knowledge about the working principle of the website, and shared his tips about the website building strategy. And we covered the html <tags> and <attributes> and moved to the actual coding , Then the participants were literally bored, so rocky shared information about the “Facebook sold people data to an Analytical company-issue” and we moved to the next content and volunteers are busy with helping participants and  the important thing comes to mind “lunch break” then we moved for the lunch.

And the afternoon session starts at 2.00pm , almost all the important tags are covered then rocky  give task to the participants based on the topics covered and almost every students completed the task before the deadline and we made the students to explain what they have done.

Then we continued the session with css introduction and simple css properties like bgcolor,font size and lot .. and the day1 is about to end then rocky give the reference link for Day2 session .


      Title: Web Development basics and Inkscape

      Speakers: Radhakrishnan and Mugunthan

      Volunteers: jeyaraj, George , karthikeyan , Nandhakumar and vivek

And now the day 2 students are eagerly waiting for the next task but there is no task at the morning and mugunthan came at day2 with an energetic voice, and rocky completes the remaining things  like how to connect external css and students get bored then mugunthan give introduction about the open source software and their policies then he shown the distros of Linux in wikidata.

Then rocky continues with the JavaScript fundamentals  and the again the lunch break comes.

Then the session starts with inkscape and as a first thing mugunthan said about the options and the properties in the inkscape tool, then he started talking about Fsftn and their regional glugs and a new glug started in Dindigul. Then he started asking about the how about starting new glug in Mahendra? And the theme creates a big curious among the students and a surprise happens,

“Formed a new glug  with the highest number of students” and then we discussed about the glug activities and the upcoming mappathon event, then a two teams are ready for the mappathon event 

(now the two teams are high at the leaderboard), then we continued with inkscape poster creation then mugunthan try to make a copy of the facebook home page in inkscape, and the page was partially created by the participants, and then we had a vote of thanks from junior girl Dhaarani and positive feedbacks from the participants.And Finally a glug with energetic people founded there.

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