Python meetup for beginners on 16-02-2020

Title : Primary steps for python

Speaker : Mr. Jeyaraj

Volunteers: Mr. Radhakrishnan, Mr.George Fernandes

The session starts with the simple introduction and it is given by Radhakrishnan. then he handled over the class to a Jayaraj. He starts the topic with a simple question that “have you hearded about the python and what is it mean?” Then the students from other side had answered something related to that topic. with the simple appreciation he had given appropriate introduction about the python . He conveys the message that, why to learn python ? And what is the use of it. And then he said how to learn python . For an every programming language the basic thing is input, output statement and the data type. He also says about the basic thing about python. And the volunteer Mr.George had installed the python application in every student’s laptop. Then the students had done the task based upon the topic covered. The talented students completed the task within a few minutes. He gave a small introduction about the searching. After that introduction the most important time that is a tea break…

The students had completed the break and came back with the same freshness. The session continued with the Decision making and looping statement. The students had learnt the data structures basics it made the trainee easier to train the students. The students had done that what he taught in python application and they had clarified their doubts through volunteers and speaker too.

We had a short-term break for 5 minutes. On that time we had discussed about some useful topics. The time went as fun and useful.

After the break , an emendation about the topic through students. Then he gave a task to write a own program for linear search. The students had completed the task with full of enthuiastic.

Atlast, all the students gave their feedback. The session end with group photo.

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